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snippet: Insomnia

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon.

I have an idea for a longer story here. I don’t think flash fiction can do this idea justice. So here’s a starter –maybe something I can use later.

The moon shone through the window. That was a good enough excuse for Gina to be awake. And she needed an excuse. She was exhausted. Her brain just wouldn’t shut off.

Russell had no idea. He’d always been a sound sleeper –the type who went to bed exactly 8 hours before his alarm was scheduled to sound. He’d occasionally get up to pee but he’d fall right back to sleep.

This was what she always wanted, right? Russell adopted Gina’s daughter. They’d met when Junie was just 2 years old. And really, he’d always been Daddy. Judie’s ‘sperm donor’ never wanted much to do with her so it really all worked out perfectly. Successful careers, two cars, a house, expensive hobbies, another baby –everything life was meant to be.

So why couldn’t she sleep? Cooper was finally sleeping through the night. Junie was doing well in school. Russell was helping around the house.

There was a place for everything and everything was in its place.