My Dilemma

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. – Thomas Szasz

My mother has always said I should write. “Oh, you’re such a great writer. Why don’t you ever write anything anymore?” Everyone’s mother wants them to be great at something but maybe when it comes to this, I kind of always believed the hype.

But here’s the rub: I’m a chronic non-finisher. I start lots of projects and I rarely finish any of them. I’m good at most things I try –there’s just never a finished product. (Brewing may be the sole exception here but making alcohol is its own reward so I’ve never thought of it as a challenge.)

Ultimately, I just get bored and it seems like a waste of time to pursue things further. Maybe I bite off more than I can chew. Maybe I just lack the discipline to complete projects. Maybe I’m not good at defining goals.

Then there’s my renewed health kick. A few weeks prior to my son’s birth, I quit smoking. Then, when my wife was starting to feel like her body was hers again, we returned to the gym (sporadically). We’ve since gotten much more serious. I track my food and I’m consumed with the idea of losing weight and being healthier.

I walk 10,000 steps per day at least. When you make yourself walk 5 miles, you have a lot of time to think. There’s a lot of serenity. I don’t get bored because I can finally think about anything I wish and I’m completely uninterrupted. Maybe that’s its own reward. Maybe Thomas Szasz is right. Maybe finding serenity in my hobbies, distractions, and work is the key to avoiding boredom.




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